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Search for a solution in our library.


Based on a few details from you, we will give you a price for the solution.


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Who we help

  • Professional advisers, including accountants and lawyers
  • Businesses operating in Australian (small, medium and large)
  • New investors into Australia
  • Financial Advisers
  • Consultants
  • Startups

Solution library

Visit our solution library to find advice or an agreement to assist in your problem.

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Acutech creators

We are developing solutions to meet common problems using our Acutech Professional Solutions Builders. They are specialists in their field, collectively with hundreds of years of experience, devoting thousands of hours digitising their wisdom.

Shared-value pricing

The greater demand, we can offer the solution at a lower price. Unlike traditional advisers, we do not charge each customer on a billable hours basis. Because we automate our solution and solve for many, we can share the cost of each solution across all our clients. We call this shared value pricing as you pay a fraction of the price you would normally pay a traditional adviser.


Acutech Library

Select from the popular solutions below or visit our library to search for your solution.


What if I have an issue with my order?

If there are any issues with your order or at any stage in the process, please contact us at

What if I can’t find the solution I am looking for?

We are continuously developing new solutions.  If you can’t find what you are looking for please email us at with details of your need and we will arrange for an adviser to contact you with a solution.

What happens in the e-meeting room?

In the e-meeting room our acutech bots will work with you to obtain the information needed to tailor our advice or agreement to your needs.

Do you provide advice?

Acutech is not the provider of advice, we only connect you and manage the interaction with the professional adviser.  All advice is provided by an appropriately qualified professional adviser.  For example, in the case of legal advice or tax advice this can only be provided by lawyers with current practising certificates or tax agents respectively. As Acutech is not a law firm or tax agent, we only facilitate the provision of legal advice or tax advice by our professional advisers (ie Acutech is not providing the advice). When legal advice or tax advice is provided through Acutech this will be provided by a lawyer with a current practising certificate or a tax agent (as the case may be).

How does Acutech tailor the solution to my needs?

Acutech does not provide template documents, rather we tailor solutions to a client’s needs and have our professional advisers sign these off as correct.  We do this through the information gathered in our e-meeting room.

What if I need assistance?

For general assistance please contact us at, for any issues with your order or at any stage in the ordering process, please contact us at

Do I have to register to get a quote?

No registration is required, just answer a few simple questions and our acutech bots will provide you a quote on your selected solution.

How do I register?

Registration is simple, just click on login above and input your details

What happens if I don’t receive a follow up email after placing an online order or completing the details of my order online?

We’ll send you a follow-up email which will contain our cost agreement instructions, and a link to our “E-Meeting room” to complete the process online. On completion of the process, we will send you a second email with a link to your completed order together with our invoice for payment.  The time it takes for the follow up emails to arrive may vary. Should you not receive anything, please check your spam or junk folder or if nothing is received within 24 hours please contact us at  

Who should use Acutech?

Acutech is designed for use by both professional advisers and business alike.

I already have an accountant/lawyer why should I use Acutech?

Most of our clients have an existing relationship with an accountant or lawyer.  Acutech is designed to complement this relationship and to used in areas where additional expertise is required.  Indeed we encourage clients to direct their accountant or lawyer to use Acutech to find solutions that meet their needs.

Why should I used Acutech?

Acutech brings together the experience of some of Australia’s pre-eminent advisers and has digitised and automated their advice and agreements.  In doing so, Acutech is unique in that it offers advice and agreements online, automated and signed off by a professional adviser.  We help businesses and professional advisers ranging from small to large by providing them with advisory and agreement solutions online and for a fraction of the cost that these typically are priced at by accounting and law firms when delivered in person.


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